Supply Chain and International Management

The supply chain and international management is a 2-year program , which has up to 1350 hours of training courses during one year and a half.
An internship of 560 hours minimum is requested during the second year.
The program is designed for students who wish to start a career in the supply chain.

Language of courses
English for management courses
French for the language classes


- supply chain strategies

- French Language courses
- global sourcing
- Big Data
- General Management
- Corporate Finance
- Business Development and marketing
- Internship of 4 to 6 months during M2

Hybrid organization (classes on site and online)
- Additional courses with e-learning
- Rhythm : Monday to Friday
- Company and professional visits & interviews 

Double degree with rncp option - Contact us for more information and application.

After your study:

Supply chain and purchasing professionals with the right skills and expertise are in high demand. You need to source both locally and globally, apply the latest digital technologies, deal with increasing supply chain risks and ensure a sustainable supply chain. Become a multi-skilled international mover.

Profession / Occupation
- Product Manager
- International business developper
- Supply chain manager
- Business unit manager
- Project manager



Evaluations and tests are done all along the academic year
- Exams can be written, presentations or multiple choices tests
- A regular follow up with MCT is done at each class. Attendance score is record at each class.
- During the last year of your program you will have to do an intership and present your missions and results
- In case you did not pass some exams, a complementary evaluation may be organized at the end of the academic year
- Second complementary tests may be organized but are not free and will be definitive

 *Student having fully paid their tuition fee by the beginning of the second semester are accepted to participate for the RNCP official exams of Manager with the reference on this page

Management & Monitoring

Teachers are selected through a quality commission every year. Degrees, speciality, theory and professionnal experiences are review before validation. Every teachers files will be sent to the government (Academy de Paris) for review.

To finish, the members of the education management comittee may be contacted by students at any moment for any question. You can send them message by mail ou directly through our application “ILCI-Edutech”. The platform is integrated to our teachings methods.


Tuition fees (out of registration fees)

Master 1st year : 7000 €
Master 2nd year : 7000 €

(RNCP option included)

Administrative fees
600 € for students without visa application
900 € for students with visa application (entry year only)

Early bird -300 euros on the tuition fees for payment 6 months prior to class begins

Deferral to the next semester requires a new registration fee, while with a 50% discount (450 €) .


Conditions :
Examination on file and interview
At least one mother tongue different from French and English
English B2 level minimum

Access in MBA 1 :
Study level of Bac +3 validated in Marketing, Management or Social sciences (Law, Economy, Sociology, Languages…)

Access in MBA 2 :
Study level of Bac +4 or +5 in Marketing, Management or Social sciences (Law, Economy, Sociology, Languages…)

(For international intake, the candidate need to already have a valid European Student status, do not support applying for a visa from M2)

Application period :

Fall session
- Application with visa request : March 15th - July 15th
- Application without visa request :  April 15th - September 15th
Class start : 2023, October 02nd

Spring session
- Application with visa request : August 15th - November 15th
- Application without visa request :  September 15th - 2024 January 15th
Class start : 2024, February 05th