The Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) program is designed for international students with a non-french mother tongue.

The Master Program in Hospitality, Tourism, and Business Management is a comprehensive program designed to prepare students for leadership roles in the hospitality and tourism industry. This program combines the key aspects of hospitality and tourism management with critical business management skills, creating a well-rounded education for aspiring professionals.The curriculum covers all areas of hospitality and tourism management, including hotel and resort operations, destination management, cultural tourism, sustainable tourism, and travel management.

Students will also learn essential business management skills such as financial management, marketing, strategic planning, leadership, and human resource management.

1200 hours for 2 years

Teaching language

Competencies to be acquired
- Negociate in multicultural environment
- Analyze the market trends
- Analyze customer behavior in hotel chain & travel market
- Make an operational marketing action plan following a strategy
- Build and drive a communication plan
- Develop commercial partnerships in hospitality & travel fields

Features of the programe

General teaching units
- French Language
- Marketing & Communication
- Hospitality & Tourism industry
- Case study
- Hotel Management
- Compulsory internship or work placement
- Company and professional visits & interviews

Internship or professional occupation obligatory
- M1 : 2 Months minimum
- M2 : 4-6 months
- Internship maximum duration 6 months (per year)

Classes are mainly provided on site in Paris, some may be provided online by visio-conference.

The curriculum covers various aspects of hospitality management, including hotel and resort operations, tourism management, food and beverage management, event management, and customer service. Students also learn critical business management skills such as strategic planning, financial management, marketing, leadership, and human resource management.The program is usually structured to provide a combination of classroom lectures, practical training, and internships to ensure students receive hands-on experience. Some programs may also include opportunities to study abroad, which exposes students to different cultures, languages, and hospitality practices.

- Hybrid organization (classes on site and online)
- Additionnal courses with e-learning
- Rythm : Monday to Friday part time
- Company and professionnal visits & interviews 

Profession / Occupation
Graduates of the program can pursue various career opportunities in the hospitality industry, including hotel management, food and beverage management, event management, tourism management, and consulting. With their acquired business management skills, graduates may also pursue careers in other industries, including marketing, finance, and human resources.

- Product manager
- Commercial manager in hospitality and/or Tourism
- Revenue Manager
- Store / Hotel Manager
- International business developper
- Customer chief officer
- Marketing manager

Branch of activity
- Hotel manager
- Transportation
- Events agency
- OTA, Travel agency, Concierge

Accor, IHG, Marriot, Costa croisières, Airbnb, VoyagePrive, Club Med, RelaisChateaux, Terrake, Fragonard, LVMH, DFS, L’Oréal, Kering, Estée Lauder, Michelin, Jet Prive, Barnes, etc.

Post-Graduation Career Path
Master in International Business, Marketing



Evaluations and tests are done all along the academic year
- Exams can be written, presentations or multiple choices tests
- A regular follow up with MCT is done at each class. Attendance score is record at each class.
- During the last year of your program you will have to do an intership and present your missions and results
- In case you did not pass some exams, a complementary evaluation may be organized at the end of the academic year
- Second complementary tests may be organized but are not free and will be definitive

Management & Monitoring

Faculty :
- Our professors/trainers are selected on the basis of their diplomas and professional experience, with each profile submitted to the Rectorat de Paris for authorization to teach.
- Students can contact members of the pedagogy team at any time via our internal "ILCI-Edutech" messaging system.

Material :
- 6 classrooms
- Digital screens
- Possibilities of remote courses
- Digital workspace


Tuition fees (out of registration fees)
Master 1st year : 4 900 €
Master 2nd year : 5 500 €

Registration fees (non refundable)
600 € for students without visa application
900 € for students with visa application (entry year only)

Deferral to the next semester requires a new registration fee to avoid abuse, while with a discount (300€ instead of initial price)


Conditions :
Examination on files and interview
English B2 level minimum
Multi-languages is a plus.

Admission to M1 :
Study level of Bac +3 validated in Marketing, Management or Social sciences (Law, Economy, Sociology, Languages…)

Admission to M2 :
Study level of Bac +4 or +5 in Marketing, Management or Social sciences (Law, Economy, Sociology, Languages…)

(For international intake, the candidate need to already have a valid European Student visa, do not support applying for a visa from M2)

Application dates :

Fall session
- Application with visa request : March 15th - July 15th
- Application without visa request :  April 15th - September 15th
Class start : 2024, September 30th

Spring session
- Application with visa request : August 15th - November 15th
- Application without visa request :  September 15th - 2024 January 15th
Class start : 2024, February 05th

Subscription timelength : between 10 days and 6 months depending on the application date

The final registration certificate will be sent :
- After validation of the application by the school jury
- Upon signature of the internal regulations and general terms and conditions of sale
- After payment of registration fees