The LMI-FE program contains a 420 hours training courses per year.
An internship of 280 hours minimum is requested for the Bachelor 3.

The program is designed for non-native french speaker students aiming to improve their French level while advancing in their studies.

French & English

Teaching Units
- Language LV.1 French
- Language LV.2 English
- Marketing (Market analysis, commercial development etc.)
- Communication
- Management

Bachelor 3 : Internship of 2 months minimum

Students are required to attend class in school.**
** The school may organise courses by visioconference

- Operate marketing strategies
- Learn to collect and analyse marketing data 
- Participate to the international marketing plan of a company
- Optimize tactical marketing plan
- Support companies internationailzation programs


- Presential program
- Additionnal courses with e-learning
- Some courses can be canceled for skills that are already validated
- Rythm : Monday to Friday part time (American style)
- Company and professionnal visits & interviews

Accès à la certification rncp (reconnue par l'Etat) par voie d'examens complémentaires à demander lors de l'inscription.*
Titre de niveau 7, Manager des organisations, enregistré au Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles.

Prepared Occupation

Product manager assistant
Marketing officer
Commercial developper
Account or Key account manager assistant
International business manager assistant
International project coordinator

Activity area

- Any service or goods selling company with international business
- Marketing consulting companies
- Enterprises engaged in a internalization project

Exemples of companies

Publicis, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Hoegaarden, Pepsico, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Bmw, Philipps, Carrefour, Salesforce, Optimize360, Zeegroup, Abileo, Back market, etc.



Evaluations and tests are done all along the academic year
- Exams can be written, presentations or multiple choices tests
- A regular follow up with MCT is done at each class. Attendance score is record at each class.
- During the last year of your program you will have to do an intership and present your missions and results
- In case you did not pass some exams, a complementary evaluation may be organized at the end of the academic year
- Second complementary tests may be organized but are not free and will be definitive

 *For students selected for the double degree challenge,  additionnal tests will be organized by the University.

Management & Monitoring

Teachers are selected through a quality commission every year. Degrees, speciality, theory and professionnal experiences are review before validation. Every teachers files will be sent to the government (Academy de Paris) for review.

To finish, the members of the education management comittee may be contacted by students at any moment for any question. You can send them message by mail ou directly through our application “ILCI-Edutech”. The platform is integrated to our teachings.


Tuition fees (out of registration fees)

Bachelor 1st year : 3 300 €
Bachelor 2nd year : 3 600 €
Bachelor 3rd year:  3 900 € 

Registration fees

600 € for U.E. students or with a valid resident card
900 € for students with visa application (entry year only)

* RNCP exams option: 900

Early bird -300 euros
 on the tuition fees for payment 5 months prior to class begins

Case of re application :
If you need to postpone your application by one semester, you won't need to pay the full amount of a new application fee. A 50% discount will be applied.


Conditions :
Examination on file and interview
English speaker / IELTS 5.5
Non native French speaker

Access in Bachelor 1 :
French baccalauréat or equivalent

Access in Bachelor 2 or 3 :
Study level of Bac +1 or +2 acquis in Management or Social sciences (Law, Economy, Sociology, Languages…)

Dates :
Fall session
- Application with visa request : 2023 March 15th – July 15th
- Application without visa request : 2023 March 15th -  September 15th
Class start : October 3rd, 2023

Spring session
- Application with visa request : 2023 August 15th - November 15th
- Application without visa request : 2023 October 15th - 2024 January 15th
Class start : January 30th, 2024