The LMI program contains a 400 hours training courses per year.
The program is designed for non-native french speaker students aiming to improve their French level while advancing in their studies.

- French language courses included in the curriculum
- Speciality courses in English

- Operate marketing strategies
- Learn to collect and analyse marketing data
- Participate to the international marketing plan of a company
- Optimize tactical marketing plan
- Support companies internationailzation programs

Each module can be validated independently. Validation of all modules leads to the certification.

Features of the program

General teaching units
- Language LV.1 French
- Language LV.2 English
- Marketing (Market analysis, commercial development etc.)
- Communication
- Management

Professional teaching units
- Marketing (market analysis, business development, etc.)
- Communication
- Interaction with the local industry (company visits and meetings with professionals)

Internship on BBA3 :
- Minimum 280 hours (2 months full-time) on the job
- Maximum 6 months (per year)

All courses are delivered on-site, and students are expected to attend school regularly (unless exceptional arrangements have been made).
- Presential program (some classes may be on visioconference)
- Additionnal courses with e-learning
- Some courses can be canceled for skills that are already validated
- Rythm : Monday to Friday
- Company and professionnal visits & interviews

RNCP challenge option, application and admission at the beginning of the school year by e-mail to
Examinations by competences :
*RNCP reference: Titre de niveau 7, Manager des organisations, enregistré au Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles.

Equivalence et passerelle : Non

Prepared Occupation
- Marketing officer
- Product manager assistant
- Commercial developper
- Account or Key account manager assistant
- International business manager assistant
- International project coordinator

Activity area
- Any service or goods selling company with international business
- Marketing consulting companies
- Enterprises engaged in a internalization project

Exemples of companies
Publicis, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Hoegaarden, Pepsico, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Bmw, Philipps, Carrefour, Salesforce, Optimize360, Zeegroup, Abileo, Back market, etc.

Post-graduation career path
Master in International Trade, Marketing, Purchasing and Supply Chain, Logistics Operations



Evaluations and tests are done all along the academic year
- Exams can be written, presentations or multiple choices tests
- A regular follow up with MCT is done at each class. Attendance score is record at each class.
- During the last year of your program you will have to do an intership and present your missions and results
- In case you did not pass some exams, a complementary evaluation may be organized at the end of the academic year
- Second complementary tests may be organized but are not free and will be definitive

 *For students selected for the double degree challenge,  additionnal tests will be organized by the University.

Management & Monitoring

Faculty :
- Our professors/trainers are selected on the basis of their diplomas and professional experience, with each profile submitted to the Rectorat de Paris for authorization to teach.
- Students can contact members of the pedagogy team at any time via our internal "ILCI-Edutech" messaging system.

Material :
- 6 classrooms
- Digital screens
- Whiteboards
- Possibility of remote courses
- Digital workspace

PRICES 2023-24

Tuition fees (out of registration fees) - can be paid in installments within 5 months
Bachelor 1st year : 3 300 €
Bachelor 2nd year : 3 600 €
Bachelor 3rd year: 3 900 €

Registration fees (non-refundable)
600 € for U.E. students or with a valid resident card
900 € for students with visa application (entry year only)

Pre-registration : issued for applications paid 6 months before the start of the school year, or for conditional admissions (e.g. diploma in progress).

Final registration : issued for applications with a deposit of 1000 euros.

Installment plan
- 25% before the start of the 1st semester
- 50% before end of 1st semester
- 75% before start of 2nd semester
- 100% before end of 2nd semester

Early bird -300 euros on the tuition fees for payment 5 months prior to class begins

* RNCP exams option: 900 € to be settled in Bachelor 2 and Bachelor 3 at the start of the 2nd semester.

Case of re-application :
If you need to postpone your application by one semester, you won't need to pay the full amount of a new application fee. A 50% discount will be applied.


Conditions :
Examination on file and interview
English speaker / IELTS 5.5
Non native French speaker

Access in Bachelor 1 :
French baccalauréat or equivalent

Access in Bachelor 2 or 3 :
Study level of Bac +1 or +2 acquis in Management or Social sciences (Law, Economy, Sociology, Languages…)

Dates :
Fall session
- Application with visa request : March 15th – July 15th
- Application without visa request : March 15th - September 15th
Class start : September 30th, 2024

Spring session
- Application with visa request : 2023 August 15th - November 15th
- Application without visa request : 2023 October 15th - 2024 January 15th
Class start : January 30th, 2024

The final registration certificate will be sent :
- After validation of the application by the school jury
- Upon signature of the internal regulations and general terms and conditions of sale
- After payment of registration fees