When we talked about France, the first thing that jumped into our head was a country that has a rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscape. Is that all? Imagine you are sipping red wine in a small cafe’s terrace laughing and talking at the same time ,with few close friends,or taking  a walk on the pier when 2 swans seems enjoy themselves(I am not kidding there is actually swans chilling in La seine) and you watching the sun going down enjoying yourself. Don’t just dream or imagine, take the first step in your adventure by joining our courses and learn French in Paris.

Parlez-vous français ? Learn French in Paris!

Since 2004, ILCI-FLE Institute has offered French courses for students coming from all over the world. As a results, we are now internationaly reknown. From A1 to C1, we are here with you whenever you need me. Our campus is located in the heart of Paris. It provides you not only French courses, but also an opportunity to live in your dream French style.

Our goal is to promote your language skills through a new teaching model based on general French teaching and a combination of salons, cultural outing ,interactive and personalized courses. Above all, all teaching processes are carried out in a completely immersive environment to create a better learning place.


Learn French in Paris

About us

Location ?

Our FLE centre is located in the 13th arrondissement in central Paris and shared with our Management School partner,  2-minute walk from the Maison Blanche station on Metro 7 (shortly Métro 14). Let’s say, you will explore the whole Paris life: restaurants, cafes and parks. In addition, don’t forget that we will also provide you with a modern-equipment classroom, a pleasant spot  to do study and a cozy place to chill  with free Wi-Fi and coffee machine.

With who?

Our French teachers are all native French and professionally certified practitioners,who can provide you with the essence of each language. Most of them have been with us since this fle center started, Each of them is a passionate person with extensive experience in international education. In other words, they are always ready to help you make progress!

How ?

Our courses are centered on CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). After that, you can receive a certificate corresponding to your CEFRL level.

In order to meet your expectations to the greatest extent, we provide you with a variety of courses options so that you can find what you need.

Learn French in Paris
Learn French in Paris

In addition to the teachers always helping you, we also provide audio and video resources, and we will also equip you with a small but superb practical manual to arm yourself. « TENDANCES » and « TOTEM » are far more than simple textbooks, it will be your best friend in class and after class. You can find content suitable for each level in any bookstore, if not, you can also find them on the Internet.

Learn French in Paris
Learn French in Paris
Learn French in Paris
learn french in paris


General rules and additional plan applicable to all French courses:
  • Provide a 1-month sponsorship plan for students who have registered for 9 months
  • If you register for 12 months and once full pay, you will receive 2 course manuals
  • Renewal fee (class suspension): 50€
  • Re-examination of 4 subjects: 100€
  • Re-registration (handling fee): 30€
  • Refund: The only circumstance is a visa refusal ,according to the contract conditions, the admin fee/10% of the scolar fee is not included.

I you need to apply for a 1 year student VISA, we strongly recommend starting from the 9-months course.

Installment is accepted starting from 9-months course application (on request of students), the first payment is 1,200 euros, and thereafter a minimum of 300 euros per month.


Have you already made a choice? We have more to say!



DELF and DALF are national diplomas. These tests will assess your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. In addition, these certificates are valid for life and are recognized internationally.


First of all, you must understand that DALF and DELF are the same exam, just with different levels.

Indeed, DELF from A1 to B2. However, there are several in form: for underage groups DELF junior, scholars and prim and DELF public and pro for adults and professional people.

DALF is suitable for C1 to C2 levels.

For more details information, please visit: http: //www.delfdalf.fr/

In conclusion, the DELF/DALF is recommended for people who just want to know their level of  french through an official test.

Learn French in Paris
Learn French in Paris

TCF is an exam that allows you to pass various tests to determine your French level.

It consists of four tests: the first is the listening and reading comprehension, and secondly also includes language organizations and written expression. Therefore, you must complete the different tests above to achieve the goal of successfully passing this test (TCF). In addition, the test can be conducted as many times as necessary, with an interval of 30 days.

For more details information, please visit: https: //www.france-education-international.fr/tcf 
Recommended for those who wish to study in France or get citizenship.


Step 1.  Prepare your documents

Fill the registration form click here

  • A copy of your passport’bio page.
  • A copy of your residential card (If you already have one). 
  • Insurance Card (For the students already in EU)
  • Profile photo


Step 2. Pass the documents to our administrative department

By mail, to fle@ilci.fr

                                        with the title « Application Request for French Study »

   Step 3. French level test

   If you don’t have level A1 yet or you don’t get a certificate of TCF or DELF, we strongly recommend you to take a French competence test       in person at our campus or by visio-conference. It won’t cost you 20 minutes.

Cours de français

Step 4. Payment

We accept different methods of payment. You can pay by bank card, cheque, cash or through bank transfer. You will receive a receipt of your payment immediately after we were informed the payment is done.

Cours de français

Step 5. Registration & certificate

After the payment, you will receive a confirmation through email,the linked will be sent to your e-mail address if you choose your class online 1 day before your class begin.

For applying the certification of your registration,send a request to the same e-mail fle@ilci.fr,you’ll receive it by e-mail/by post (if you need)/ or get it in person in 3 working days. Then you can start the visa application process through campus france in your county or using this to claim for a student status in France.